Amazing & Essential Mobile Applications 

Apps are always growing in number, and in fact, there are almost a million now. However, there are those that one shouldn’t miss having on their smartphone. If for instance, you have an Android, you need to make sure you have all the apps that you need for such a phone. Some apps perform simple functions while others are specialized for unique roles. Without further ado, here are essential apps you ought to have for all the amazing reasons:

A Backup App

You need a backup solution for all your data right from contacts, call log, messages, music and any other data you have on your phone, and you would like to ensure that it’s secured. For one or more reasons, you might lose your data. Without a backup app or solution, such a loss can result in loss of important information that you might not get it easily. You, of course, wouldn’t like to find yourself in such situations. Therefore, get a backup app for your smartphone for all the right reasons. You can get Go Backup or any other one depending on your needs.

Communication App

In this time and era when communication technology is experiencing growth and changes, you need to have a communication app on your phone. We own smartphones primarily for communication and then other functions. To communicate effectively and get information, you need an app. Some of most essential communication apps you need include:

• Twitter

• Facebook

• Viber

• WhatsApp


If you do not have any of these apps, then you are missing a lot, and you should acquire them immediately. Most of these amazing apps are available for free download by interested users. Just visit the official pages of the providers, and you’ll get them.


You need a launcher to help you customize your phone. What you love may not be the same as what someone else loves. To include the features you love on your phone, you need an appropriate app that allows you to do so. Unlike other apps that are out there in big numbers, launchers aren’t many. The most common ones you can get your phone are the QQ Launcher and Go Launcher.

Photography App

We all love beautiful memories and the best way to store them fresh is by taking photos. Though almost every phone out there in the market comes with a camera, a camera alone is not enough. You need a

smartphone app that will allow you to edit them and probably say something beautiful about the events you are capturing. Some of the best photography apps you can get include Instagram and Little Photo.

On top of all these apps, don’t forget to get an entertainment app. Do not let your phone be just a plain without any music. Add as many features as possible and you’ll no doubt enjoy using it. Get all these apps and others and make your phone your best friend. Nowadays, you can do almost everything with your phone. With the best apps, you can do almost everything with your phone.