Parkbud a Parking App for Your iPhone

Wunderstadt released recently a nice parking application for iOS called Parkbud which makes it easy and fun to park your car. Parkbud provides many features including a car locator, a parking finder and also a meter monitoring system so you don’t get towed. There are also many other useful features included in Parkbud and this is also a beautifully designed app, you can tell the folks at Wunderstadt pay attention to details and wanted to provide a great end user experience.

Parkbud offers many features:

  • Meter Alarm: Allows you to track your parking time in style with a nice digital clock and an elegant ticking mechanical timepiece
  • Car Locator and Park Finder: Save your car’s location, find a parking spot easily as well as get directions. Once you park you can save your parking location in one spot
  • Camera and Photo Editor: Take pictures of your car, your parking spot etc. and document a trip
  • Animated Notepad: Keep a log of information about your trip, car, and more
  • Social Network Integration: Share your parking data with your friends on Twitter and Facebook

As I’ve told you, Parkbud looks great.

Parkbud is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, you can find more information @
You can download Parkbud on iTunes for $1.99