How To Root Permanently your HTC Desire HD

Thanks to the folks @ XDA it is now possible to permanently root your HTC Desire HD. Up until now all we could do was to get temporary root access on this device. This hack will jailbreak your HTC Desire HD and allow you to do anything you want on it, check out the instructions after the break.

Note that we will not be responsible if you end up bricking your device, rooting your phone can be risky and requires technical skills.

All the credits go to adwinp, scotty and tmzt @ XDA.
This permanent root solution will root / jailbreak your HTC Desire HD and requires the use of an application called VISIONary.
If you haven’t heard of VISIONary before, have a look at our article about it:
How To Root Your HTC Desire HD

Update (02/19/11): You can now try to run Android Honeycomb (3.0) on your rooted HTC Desire HD, check out our article @ Honeycomb Running on HTC EVO, HTC Desire HD…

Follow the instructions to permanently root your HTC Desire HD [from [DEV] S-OFF, PERMROOT, eMMC write [INSTRUCTIONS]]:

  1. Get VISIONary.  It is not available on the Android Market anymore.
  2. Do a temp root using VISIONary
  3. Download the file
  4. Extract the files from the archive and copy them into the /sdcard/ folder on your device
  5. You only need one of the .ko file depending on your device version (check it using uname –a in adb shell)
  6. Go to adb shell, type su to get root access
  7. Now type:
    insmod /sdcard/wp-(version).ko
  8. Then:
    dd if=/sdcard/hboot_eng.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
  9. Type: [double check the partition or you will end up bricking your HTC Desire HD]
    dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p21
  10. Then:
    push su /sdcard/
  11. Type:
    push Superuser.apk /sdcard/
  12. Then:
    copy su /system/bin/
  13. Type:
    copy Superuser.apk /system/app/
  14. Finally type:
    chmod 4755 /system/bin/su

Reboot and you should have permanent root access on your HTC Desire HD!