TouchXperience – a new Windows Mobile User Interface replacement

If you follow us often you have noticed that we often write about user interface replacement for Windows Mobile or Android devices. And here is yet another one for Windows Mobile called TouchXperience that is created by schaps (Julien Schapman) the creator of the Advanced Configuration Tool utility.
According to the author this user interface replacement will be released in March 2010, he has been working on it for the past 2 years and  it looks fantastic!

TouchXperience will be finger friendly and completely customizable with some very nice features like custom menus through the TouchMenu component with built-in sub menus like Contacts, Recent Programs, Call History, Communication Manager etc.
The Custom Events are also an interesting concept that can, among other things, use your GPS location to remind you that you need to buy something when you are close to a specific store.
You can follow the project and see its complete description at and you can be sure we will follow up on it! Definitely looking forward to trying it as soon as it gets out.